Grant Program Application General Information

NOTE: the board reserves the right to reject any and all grant proposals.

PURPOSE: The core purpose of the Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board (IEPB) is enhancement of the Illinois equine industry through self-funded programs, projects and activities. Grants to institutions and individuals will be related to equine research, education and industry enhancements and promotion.

ELIGIBILITY: Organizations are NOT eligible if they have received IEPB funding for the past 2 consecutive years. Organizations benefiting the horse industry may apply. Preference will be given to projects in Illinois and those benefiting the largest number of people/horses. Grants will NOT be made to individuals or for-profit companies/organizations.


TYPES OF SUPPORT: Although the IEPB wishes to concentrate grants within Illinois, out-of-state grants may be made if matching funds are available and the outcome benefits those in the Illinois equine industry. No indirect or overhead costs will be funded. IEPB does NOT fund labor costs.

REVIEW PROCESS: Projects will be reviewed and grants awarded on a competitive basis. Technical language used in applications must be translated so that a multi-disciplinary committee may understand the proposals.


1. Use IEPB Grant Application 2020 format for both research and project format projects.

2. Proposals (all copies) must be received by published deadlines.

3. Submit an original and 12 copies (13 TOTAL). No electronic copies will be accepted. DO NOT UTILZE BINDERS.

4. Number all pages. Use only one side of paper, double-space copy, one-inch margins, 12-point type/font.

5. Staple in upper left-hand corner.

6. Identify three (3) feed dealers (company name and address) that participate in the check-off program within a 100-mile radius of the potential grant recipient; copy of at least one feed receipt showing the assessment has been paid.


1. A final report is due 30 days after termination of the grant period for project grants. Research grants require a final report containing an executive summary six months following the end of the grant period. Research grant reports must use formats acceptable in appropriate scientific journals.

2. Quarterly reports of progress are required for research grants and project grants extending six months or more. Quarterly reports are due 30 days following the end of the quarter. Photographs of project progress are encouraged.

3. Failure to adhere to the project timeline or failure to submit progress reports on time may result in revocation or repayment of grant funds and will make the grantee ineligible for future grants.

4. Grantees must agree to on-site inspections of funded projects.

5. All grantees will credit the IEPB as a funding source in printed materials and signs.

6. A contract will be required of all grantees.

7. A background check on grantees will be required.

DUE DATES: Proposals are due by 4:00 p.m. on November 15 of each year. When dates fall on a weekend, proposals are due the next working day.


Illinois Equine Industry Research and Promotion Board
2601 South 5th Street, 
Springfield, IL 62703